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Sponsor An Olive Tree

Help us save this grove and provide work to the local community

Tree Sponsorship – Your own slice of Tuscany!

Ok, so what is tree sponsorship? Well it’s pretty much as it sounds. You sponsor a tree that we then plant one for you OR you will sponsor one of the existing trees in the grove.

This is the Perfect way for you to have your own little slice of Tuscany. You may come and visit your tree whenever you are near*, just give us a call.

To start with we will using existing trees in the grove which number 550. These initial sponsored trees will be used to plant the new trees while providing work in the grove to the local community including clearing the current grove and preparing the new area.

Our target is 5000 trees over the next 5 years.

As part of the grove we are setting up a nursery for the new trees. Instead of buying trees, which gives different flavour profiles and costs a lot more, we will be using clippings from our existing trees, so we maintain the flavour profile and keep the same variety that’s has been growing here for over 100 years. This is important to me as it feels more that these are trees of the homestead. A natural extension to the existing grove.

As a bonus it also provides more work for locals as the money used to buy trees will go into the nursery instead, which will be run and worked on by employees from the local community

This won’t be an easy job, but it will be a worthwhile one.

*You will need to give us advance notice, so we can organise this for you. The grove has an entrance next to the horse yard, so does not disturb anyone. There may be restrictions on certain dates. But we can normally accommodate!

What do Tree Sponsors Receive?

This depends on the number of trees you sponsor. Each package has increased goodness!

Single Tree Sponsorship

Every tree sponsor receives free fresh-form-your-tree organic olive oil EVERY year for the first 10 years of production (you just pay for postage/packaging which we have deals on for most countries). Imagine that, your own organic Tuscan olive oil (with your personalised label) delivered every year after a fresh press…. truly your own slice of Toscana.

Each delivery contains your organic olive oil, our “The Tuscan.Kiwi” magazine which is a roundup of the year, Tuscan news, new wines, recipes and more…. plus a little surprise every year just for you.

Every tree sponsor will have their name and link to a blog/business in our sponsorship directory plus a plaque on every tree/group that you sponsor with details and QRcode to your link in the directory OR directly to your blog/business or social profile. Every tree sponsor’s directory listing is also shared on our social media (unless you ask us not too).

Multiple Tree Sponsorship

For people who sponsor 6 or more trees, there are also free nights at Villa Marae to use anytime (subject to availability of course) over the next 4 years so we are sure you will find time to visit us and your trees! This is our way of saying a big thank you and a great way to put the money in the trees which goes straight to local workers.
We know you all love Tuscany as much as we do, so this is the perfect way have your own little slice of Toscana.

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